The CFG Podcast Series

Join us in the CFG Podcast Series as we explore the important concepts necessary to construct a comprehensive, long-term retirement plan and investment strategy.

It is our hope that this offering will allow us to bring additional context to our educational platform while also allowing us to build on our regular communications with our clients. Episodes will include regular conversations with our advisor team, institutional money managers discussing market conditions and other specific topics related to client interests. There is no video or additional software that needs to be downloaded with this series. Just select an episode below, turn up the volume on your device and enjoy.

BlackRock’s Timothy J. Miller CFP, CIMA joins the show to discuss COVID-19’s impact on the global economy, the psychological impact on investor decision making and what we should expect in the coming weeks.

Andrew J. Costanzo, Jr. joins Matthew A. Costanzo to provide additional context to the current market conditions.

Matthew A. Costanzo further contextualizes the drivers behind the recent market volatility, addresses the potential impact to your portfolios and lays out our plan for managing risk over the coming months.

Matthew A. Costanzo provides an update on current market conditions.

BlackRock’s head of Thematic Strategy for the Global Allocation Fund, Kate Moore, joins Matthew A. Costanzo to discuss what lies ahead for the United States and Global economies at the outset of 2020.

Andrew J. Costanzo, Jr. joins Mitchell Stehly to provide a detailed reflection of 2019 and discuss what our team is striving to accomplish in 2020.

Andrew J. Costanzo, Jr., Matthew A. Costanzo, Brian D. Dick and Mitchell Stehly analyze the asset accumulation phase, the appropriate time to begin preparing for retirement and some key tools to assist you in managing retirement income over a lifetime.

Brian D. Dick and Matthew A. Costanzo address two very important areas that are central to the family finance conversation: the “money talk” and education saving plans

Andrew J. Costanzo, Jr. joins the show to reinforce important estate planning concepts and their relevance to the Investment and Retirement Planning process.

Matthew A. Costanzo joins the show to outline the tools necessary to insulate your retirement plan and investment management strategy from emerging risk. How do we make sure that your retirement income is durable over a 20 to 30-year period and is not dramatically impacted by any number of factors that a family may face over the course of their lives?

Andrew J. Costanzo, Jr. and Matthew A. Costanzo lead a roundtable discussion regarding best practices to consider when designing a comprehensive investment strategy that aims to serve your short, medium and long-term financial objectives. The panel discusses the role that the investment strategy plays in the retirement planning process and how it needs to be managed over time.

A preview to what is to come with the CFG Podcast Series.