Our Paradigm

The greatest value we offer our clients is fostering long-term relationships built on trust and responsiveness. We focus on the total lifecycle of client engagement to empower our clients to make more informed decisions at each stage of their life. Our team’s accessibility and service excellence provides clients with the confidence, knowledge and guidance to make better choices about allocation and distribution throughout their lifetime. We take a different approach to our engagement:

Retirement Planning

At different life stages, your needs and desires may shift. When looking at the future and outlining your life goals – from a comfortable retirement to a lasting family legacy – a well-designed retirement plan will help meet those objectives. We go through a phased approach to create a customized accumulation and retirement income plan that fits you:

Step 1 Discover

Learn about your personal story, family members and your investment and retirement objectives

Step 2 Envision

Build a vision for the future and link those objectives to a plan comprised of short-, medium- and long-term instruments

Step 3 Architect

Create a comprehensive investment and retirement plan, and cash flow analysis

Step 4 Educate

Review results-based plan, create realistic roadmap, outline asset allocation, establish milestones for implementation and highlight areas for follow-up

Investment Management

Successful investment management means creating and maintaining a diversified investment portfolio that works for years to come. We understand and appreciate the importance of offering a consistently strong and diverse investment lineup that reflects your objectives and tolerance for risk. Our approach encompasses the following as we define a unique investment strategy based on your objectives:

Step 1 Engage

Implement short-, medium- and long-term investment strategies and instruments

Step 2 Align

Revisit results-based plan and objectives and rebalance asset allocation when required

Step 3 Review

Engage in regular, consistent communication about retirement plans and investment objectives

Step 4 Advocate

Support situational issues that may arise and impact your investment and retirement plans

Scope of Services

Our competitive advantage is our experience and knowledge, combined with the strength and innovation to offer a broad spectrum of investment products and services designed to meet a range of financial objectives. The services we offer include a blend of the following: