Costanzo Financial Group offers Corporate Planning Services to employers who need assistance in the creation and management of an employee retirement plan. For over 45 years, our firm has developed a wealth of knowledge in designing and consulting on employee retirement plans for corporations, public schools, and non-profits. Costanzo Financial Group currently services and consults on the management of more than 125 employee retirement plans.

It is our mission to provide employers with an integrated service that offers an expansive investment platform, innovative technology, a customized education program, and a proactive service team that is responsive to the plan's requirements.

Our team works with the employer to design a plan that is tailored to the company's size, demographics, and business goals. From that design, we create a customized education program that is delivered on an individual or group basis with the goal of enhancing participation and increasing savings rates.

Our team implements Corporate Planning Services through the following investment vehicles: 401(k), Solo 401(k), SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, Payroll Deduct IRA, 403(b) and 457 plans.

Due to the surplus of options and increasingly complex regulatory environment, it is an invaluable asset to have a
tenured firm that is committed to streamlining plan administration, compliance, and support.

Additionally, our firm commits to meeting with the employer and participants on a periodic basis to ensure the plan
is aligned with the investment objectives and emerging needs of each participant.

Business Planning

In today's complex regulatory environment, it makes sense to have a partner who truly understands the value of employee retirement plans and how they can enhance a corporation's overall benefit package. Our firm has been working with corporations for over 30 years to design and implement employee retirement plans. Due to our extensive knowledge in employee retirement plans, Costanzo Financial Group is able to provide an integrated service for plan design, simplified enrollment, technical implementation, participant education, and administration. Additionally, our firm partners with some of the industry's leading investment companies to deliver diversified investment platforms, streamline plan administration, and ensure the plan is compliant with ERISA regulations.

Education Planning

Costanzo Financial Group has been working with educators for over 40 years to assist them in planning for a more stable retirement. Our firm works with educators to create funding strategies that allow them to set aside money for retirement during their working years. As educators approach retirement, our extensive knowledge in the state's pension systems enables us to work through the options that are available to each client. By integrating this planning process with various retirement investment strategies, we provide educators with a comprehensive plan for how to manage retirement income.

Non-Profit Planning

Our firm has been working with non-profits to design and implement retirement plans for over 20 years. Often, non-profits are smaller organizations and require extensive planning to ensure the retirement plan is designed to meet the needs of the owners and participants. Once the plan is implemented, our team works with each employee to educate them on their options with the goal of increasing savings rates and enhancing participation. Additionally, our firm has partnered with some of the industry's top investment companies to assist in plan administration, compliance, and diversified investment platforms. These service offerings and partnerships allow Costanzo Financial Group to create an attractive benefit for non-profits and assist each participant in planning for a more stable retirement.